Sedona Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach

Boot Camp

$12 + $3 shipping

For Boot Camp, I focus on strength training and sculpting with bouts of cardio here and there.  Equipment: One or two pairs of moderate weight dumbbells.  Though not required, I use a step bench for added intensity.

Body Weight

$12 + $3 shipping

The Body Weight Workout is a fun, challenging 30 minute workout that strengthens your entire body while pushing you aerobically. No equipment needed.

Senior Strength & Balance

$12 + $3 shipping

Gentle exercises designed to build strength and bone density while improving posture and balance, thus reducing the risk of falls. Equipment: A chair, optional light dumbbells.

LIFT TO LOSE Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness Video DVD | Mukilteo Everett Washington State

Below the Belt

$12 + $3 shipping

Below the Belt Workout strengthens your quads, glutes, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs and core with this killer routine. Equipment: Dumbbells and a stability ball.


$65 + $5 flat rate shipping

I currently offer six “At Home” workout DVDs, each lasting 30 to 35 minutes. DVDs are $12 apiece; 10% discount on six or more.

The workouts I have recorded closely mimic what I teach to my group class students. We use weights to build muscle and increase metabolism, then work in cardio to get the heart rate up and the fat burning. I work right along with you in my DVDs. I find that when I give the workout my all while teaching class, my students do the same- and so I hope it will be with you and these DVD workouts.

Cardio Interval

$12 + $3 shipping

Cardio Interval gets the heart pounding and the lungs working! Equipment: Light dumbbells and an optional step bench for added intensity.

Core Galore

$12 + $3 shipping

Here, I take you through 30 minutes of cardio drills and abdominal exercises, guaranteed to make you sweat! Equipment: Stability ball, light dumbbells (optional), and a mat to lie upon.

To purchase any of these DVDs, use the PayPal buttons above or contact me at also provide professional nutrition counseling, both in Sedona and online. 

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