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Jenie, Jun 25, 2011: I have been attending Catherine’s class since the beginning of the year. I hated exercise before I discovered her. She is very motivating. She changes it up to make it challenging and fun. I think this keeps your metabolism burning quicker because your workout does not get stagnate. We often work two muscles at time while getting our cardio vascular in at the same time. She tells you what to do if you need a harder workout or how you may modify if you needed it easier. She keeps an eye on you making sure you keep good form. This is not a dancy class, “No Fancy Stepping” I always look forward to her class with anticipation wondering “what will we do today” I enjoy her class so much I just want to share it with everybody. Catherine is really nice and funny too.

Shelley, Jun 23, 2011: I’ve been lucky enough to have been working out with Catherine for about 6 months now! She’s always super professional giving every individual in her class the level of intensity they need or want. Her positive attitude and friendliness is great! I feel super blessed to be a student of hers! Thank you Catherine for all you do!

Barb, Jun 23, 2011: I’m new to Catherine’s workouts but have been extremely impressed with her abilities. She not only knows her stuff, she is sincerely dedicated to helping each individual achieve their fitness goal, whatever their age, size, shape or level of conditioning. I’m already feeling better, stronger, younger…and had forgotten how much fun it was to sweat. She’s a real pro and I recommend her very highly.

Danielle, Jun 22, 2011: Catherine is an excellent instructor and trainer, I have taken many of her classes and also personal training sessions. It’s hard work but well worth it.. Her classes offer great results and she teaches you proper form and motivates you all the way to the end. I haven’t found classes and an instructor as good as her. You always leave her classes feeling like you accomplished something and that your on the right path to a better you.. Absolutely love her!!!!!

Sue, Jun 22, 2011: I bought an intro to Catherine’s classes at a charity auction and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Anything that keeps me motivated for months as her classes have are definitely worth it!! I lost one pant size without changing my eating habits, and now I’m being ‘better’ about what I eat, feeling great and losing more! She can beat you to a pulp but you want to come back for more and you are never ever ever bored. Give it a try!

Madeleine, Jun 22, 2011: NOTHING has been as fun for me, as far as working out goes, than Catherine’s classes. Challenging?…Oh yes, indeed. Body changing?…definitely (thank the lord) Fun?…absolutely, as she is one of the funniest humans I have ever been fortunate enough to be around. But the most amazing thing about Catherine’s classes to me? It is the motivation…using all of what I mentioned above plus a huge amount of sincere desire to have all of her students thrive. That is what sets her apart from almost everyone else in the industry that I have experienced, and is what makes we, her students, change our bodies and our habits with a light heart and with the utmost confidence that we can do so… permanently. She is an absolute gem in my opinion.

Brian, Jun 22, 2011: I have been taking Catherine’s total body workout for more than a year and consider it to be the toughest but most effective workout routine I’ve ever experienced. Catherine works us hard but shouts out encouragement with that little laugh in her voice that reminds us we are “all in this together” and having a good time too! I know I’ve worked out muscles I never knew I had. I’m sure that my core, lunging muscles and squatting muscles are in the best shape ever! I strongly recommend you give her program a try.

Denise, Jun 21, 2011: Catherine is truly the best instructor I’ve ever seen. Her classes are well structured and she works every muscle. Her instructions are precise and whether you’re a beginner or have been with her a long time she’s very clear on modifications. She really gives you a good workout so you get your money’s worth. Some of us travel a long distance for her classes and it is so worth it! You will notice a difference in your body very soon after starting her classes. And to top it off she has a great personality.

Greg ,Jun 21, 2011: I’ve been attending Lift to Lose Fitness classes for over a year and they’re the heart of my exercise regimen. Catherine’s expert instruction, well organized workout routines, and great attitude produce an outstanding experience and excellent results. The exercises are always challenging and she provides options to intensify them for experienced and more fit students. She also offers modifications for new students so they can be challenged, too, but not overwhelmed. I can’t recommend her enough. Enrolling is easy through the City of Mukilteo’s website http://activenet8.active.com/cityofmukilteorec/ (search for “Lift to Lose” or classes instructed by Catherine Bongiorno) but you’ll save a few bucks by calling 425.263.8180 to enroll.​

Frank, 5/15/2013: Catherine’s classes have been a life saver, literally. For medical reasons about 3 1/2 years ago the docs told me to get active so I joined the health club where Catherine happened to be the instructor. After about 15 minutes of the first class I was ready to quit (being the macho guy I foolishly thought I could keep up with her). Fortunately I started listening to what she was saying during class about modifying the intensity to suit my capability, I slowed down a bit and made it through the first class, I have been going ever since. It never ceases to amaze me how she continues to shout out instructions during an exercise making sure we are getting the most benefit out of a particular exercise all the while I am huffing and puffing. There is no doubt Catherine knows how to exercise and how to get you to get the most out of participating but the most amazing thing about her is her infectious attitude about exercising and how it makes you want to come back.

Joe, Jun 20, 2011: I have been a client of Catherine’s in her group conditioning program at Boeing for nearly two years. I can’t speak highly enough of her ability as a fitness leader to develop creative workout sessions that are both effective and a lot of fun. She places a high emphasis on technique and working on more than one area of strength during exercise sets. All of this while keeping up a pace that insures we get a great cardio workout as well. New to fitness? No problem. Catherine always has at least one modification to suggest for any exercise. I’m happy that fitness is a regular part of my life now, and just as happy that I met Catherine as a coach and mentor. She earns my highest recommendation.

Mike C, 6/22/2013: Catherine is without question the best trainer I have ever had in my 61 years. She has this ability to push you with encouragement and humor to your limit and then back off, it’s crazy smart leadership. In combination of eating better and working with Cathrine I have lost 35 pounds since Feb. 21st of this year. I only wish she could have an available class every week day.

MaryLou, 8/28/2013:Catherine’s workouts are superb! I worked at a community college for years and attended the workout sessions offered there. I was so concerned I would never find another workout program as good as those for-credit classes. But, thanks to Catherine, I have!! She is ultra-knowledgable, extremely positive, pushes you just enough to keep your level of workout always at a high level….I love the class, even though it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever had. She is probably even better than the college classes, honestly. She knows workouts, plus knows how to motivate and has a great sense of humor.
I have a friend who has a free workout program because her husband is retired military, and I’ve talked her into trying Catherine’s class at a cost to her because it’s that good. I cannot say enough good things about Catherine! She is the ultimate exercise guru…..go to a class of hers and see for yourself !

Ashley E, 9/13/2014: I absolutely love Catherine’s classes! I attend 3 times a week, every class is different and every class is challenging. Catherine provides different options for particular lifts, she keeps your heart rate up for 60 min and encourages folks during the class. I’ve seen tremendous change in my strength and endurance. I run, so her classes are great for the in-between run conditioning days.

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