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If you are resident of Sedona, give my training and classes a try. Lift to Lose Fitness & Nutrition offers training and weight loss programs for all age groups and fitness levels. Contact me and start working on a healthier you!

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Sedona Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach

The VIllage of Oak Creek & West Sedona

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Senior Citizens:  Regular exercise, strength-training and a nutritious diet are key to feeling younger, stronger and more stable.  My personal training and upcoming Senior Strength & Balance  group exercise class in Sedona will strengthen your muscles, bones and joints while improving your posture and balance and increasing your stamina.

I have worked at various senior centers over the years and have experience training those with Parkinson's Disease and early onset Alzheimer's. I offer private personal training sessions at the beautiful SedonaFit Studio in West Sedona, and in-home training in the VOC.  My training and classes will have you feeling strong, stable and more supple, and the Lift To Lose Fitness guarantee comes with each session:  You’re going to LOVE your workouts.

50 min session:  $50-$60 (depending on location)

30 min "express workout":  $35

On a restricted budget?  I will work with you to keep your training affordable. Contact me at 425-791-4488 to discuss.