Many people prefer a private training facility to a gym. My studios in the VOC and West Sedona have everything you need for individual or small-group workouts: Cable machine, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, recumbent bike, Elliptical, the rebounder, step benches, slam balls and more.  Enjoy an exclusive workout without dodging people or waiting for equipment.

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Private Studio Training

​Lift To Lose, Fitness & Nutrition
 West Sedona:
1449 SR 89-A, #1A

Village Studio:

15 Rimrock Ride


Call ​425-791-4488


West Sedona & VOC StuDIOS:

Call (425)-791-4488

West Sedona Studio

LIFT TO LOSE Fitness & Nutrition

Sedona Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach

For more information on personal training offered by Lift To Lose Fitness, please contact me directly. Don't forget that you also need proper nutrition. Sedona Lift To Lose clients can benefit from weight loss (or gain) and improved eating habits with my professional guidance. Lift To Lose has convenient locations in West Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. Offering my services in both locations makes it easy for residents of Sedona to take advantage of my expertise.  Email me or call me for more information.

Catherine Bongiorno