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Initial assessment and training session: $55

​New clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers.


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Personal training options: 

Private session (45 min): $70

Express Private (30 min): $45

Small-group training, 30 min: $25

                                     45 min: $40

​Contact Catherine for group training info: info@lifttolose.com

If you are ill, please stay home.  Exertion is the last thing your body needs when it is fatigued and fighting a nasty bug, nor do we want germs spreading onto the  equipment. Your body will thank you for resting, as will all other participants at Lift To Lose Fitness. 

Private training in West Sedona and The VOC

Virtual training available.

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Late Policy:

Clients are responsible for arriving on time to their personal training sessions.  If you haven’t contacted Catherine after 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, the remaining time of the session may be lost.  If you are running late, a text or phone call is always appreciated. 

Sedona Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach

​Personal Training, Sedona

with private studios in West Sedona and

the Village of Oak Creek

Fitness fads come and go. I've tried them all and I've taught many of them- and always, I return to the place where I get the best results and the most enjoyment: The weight rack. 

I believe strength is the core of a solid, effective workout program. Twenty years ago, I completely changed the shape and size of my body when I switched from a mostly cardio workout program to one comprised almost entirely of strength-training. Yes, cardio is important and has its place in all of my training sessions, but weightlifting is where the magic is.  Strength training is also FUN. Take advantage of my current assessment special and see for yourself!

Personal Training Cancellation Policy:

Clients are asked to call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session.  Please cancel within this time frame to avoid being billed for a missed session. Repeated cancellations may result in losing your training time slots.  Call/text Catherine at 425-791-4488 to reschedule.